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Assist Russell Library in the GC Giving Challenge Today

You can help the Ina Dillard Russell Library at Georgia College to further reach our students by supporting the purchase of Virtual Reality(VR) equipment. VR uses the latest technology to simulate the experience of a three-dimensional environment, allowing interactivity that mimics what one would experience in a real-world setting. By using special equipment such as portable VR headsets, students in a variety of majors can have a rich learning immersion. Imagine studying as a Biology student for Anatomy and Physiology classes by viewing the 3D models of organs, muscles, and the skeleton in a virtual reality. Or, as a Geography student, observing landscapes, countries, and cities that you hope to study or visit. These are just two examples of how VR technology can enrich the learning experience of our students. By investing in portable VR equipment, Russell Library can bring these broadened learning opportunities without the need of a computer and the limitation of a specified location. Make a difference, one student at a time, by donating to the Russell Library Tech Fund.

Whether you have $10 to give or $10,000, your donation will make a difference in the lives of GC students.

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Tanya Darden
Technical Associate
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