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Call for Graduate Assistant Requests for Administrative Offices, Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

All administrative offices that wish to request a Graduate Assistant (GA) for 2019-2020 should let the Office of Academic Affairs know of their needs immediately. Furthermore, if you were allocated a GA in prior years, you are still required to apply. This announcement does not refer to those academic departments or graduate degree programs that have a “regular” Graduate Assistant allocation, but rather to those offices that typically hire or would want to hire a Graduate Assistant for various administrative tasks.

The stipend for supplemental/administrative GAs must be paid out of the budgets of the hiring offices. So, if your office wants one, it should be prepared to allocate the funds for the stipend from its own budget (or from funds controlled by that office). The stipend amount varies across a fairly narrow range. In the past year, the most common pay for administrative GAs was $2315 per semester, but some were higher, others lower.

When materials are submitted, The Graduate School will determine whether or not the request for a GA position will be accepted. 

If awarded, the deadline to hire a GA will be September 6, 2019 and no later.

Information to be submitted to The Graduate School:

A. Office making the request

B. Salary (i.e., the stipend) to be paid

C. Source of funds for the stipend/s

D. Specific duties to be assigned to GA. Please remember that responsibilities expected of GA’s must be related to their courses of study.

E. Anticipated hours of work 

F. Appointment: Academic year or Semester (Fall or Spring)

G. Qualifications desired, which could include the graduate degree program preferred


Parris Story
Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment Management
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