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Co-Sponsored events with non GC entities - Facility Use Agreement

Any GC entity (individual, department or program) requesting to use Georgia College property for a co-sponsored event with a non-GC entity must follow the Facility Use Policy and applicable Fee Schedule. The first step is for the GC entity to submit a request in 25LIVE to reserve a location(s). Once the event request has been reviewed and confirmed by Facility Reservations, a Rental Agreement/Facility Use Agreement will be initiated. The GC entity co-sponsoring the event will complete the Facility Use Agreement, to the best of their ability, and send it to Lisa Castillo to finalize with applicable fees and request proof of insurance from the non-GC entity. Once the Facility Use Agreement has been completed and all documents/deposits have been received from the non-GC entity, the event will be fully confirmed. An event cannot occur on GC property without an approved Facility Use Agreement. If a Facility Use Agreement is not fully executed within two weeks of an event, Facility Reservations reserves the right to cancel the event request. It is important to note that use of GC property is not free for external entities and appropriate fees will be assessed based on the Campus Fee Schedule. If a new space is requested that doesn’t have a fee attached, Facility Reservations will work with the appropriate office to confirm the facility use fee.

Examples of Co-Sponsored Events: GC Athletics hosting a High School athletic tournament or GC Theatre Department hosting a high school one-act play competition.

A Facility Use Agreement is not required for events in which a GC employee/department is reserving space for GC use. Example: Human Resources requesting space to host Supervisor Training meetings.

Any questions regarding this process please contact Facility Reservations at For questions regarding the Facility Use Agreement approval process, please contact Cathy Stevens at x2037 or If your program involves bringing minors to campus, please contact Artis Williamson at x2759 or .

Cathy Stevens
Legal Affairs
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