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Communities in Schools- Sam Elliott Feature Story

An important part of any community is having people in it willing to help others. Sam Elliott is one of those people in Milledgeville, Ga.

Sam is from Jackson, Ga. which is about one hour away from Milledgeville. He is a senior public health major at Georgia College which means that he focuses on prevention in the healthcare field rather than the treatment itself.

When asked what inspired him to help others, Sam stated that he was inspired by those in the community and even the world that helped the less fortunate. There are many people out there who are not afforded opportunities that most would deem typical. There are also many important figures around the world who are known for helping others and being inspired by these actions have led him to great things. For example, Sam admires Lady Gaga and how she is an advocate for second-class citizens and passionate about using her platform for outreach.

Sam is constantly inspired by individuals that uproot their own lives and move to an area where they can immerse themselves in the culture of those less fortunate. For example, educating young women and men and providing new resources to them is a great way of aiding other people when they need it.

Sam is also deeply passionate about outreach and helping to end communal poverty in whatever way possible. He stated that he would like to provide the underprivileged with ways to combat poverty, homelessness, hunger and more. When Sam isn’t working on school work or helping out his community, he is very passionate about film and music.

Thank you, Sam for everything that you are doing for the community and the change that you will bring to many communities in the future.

Megan Lewter
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