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Design for Transformative Learning

Sometimes our courses need a refresh. And often in redesigning them, we become re-enchanted with them ourselves. Or perhaps you have a completely new course you’d like to design. If you are like most of the faculty on this campus, you’ll want your students to be transformed by this course. That is the great joy of teaching – when you see students leave your course with both skills they can use across a lifetime and a desire to learn more about the subject. If you would like to design or redesign a course to be transformative in this way, then the Design for Transformative Learning Workshop is for you.

I have been teaching a similar workshop in the Governor’s Teaching Fellows Program (GTF) since 2002. That program is a state-level program hosted by the Institute of Higher Education at UGA. Since we only admit two cohorts of 12-18 individuals each year, and every institution of higher education (public and private) can nominate two individuals for consideration, competition is very fierce, and thus only a few Georgia College folks are ever able to attend. But in my new position as Director of the GC Journeys Program, I realized I could bring what I teach in that program here, offer it to all our faculty, and offer it without charge.

If you are at all interested, weigh in here on which days and times you would be available before that killjoy voice in the back of your head talks you out of it or you simply forget: See the attachment for more information on the workshop, and email me with any questions you might have at

Cynthia Alby
Director of GC Journeys
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