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GC Community Drumming Group Gears of For Exams

This week the GC Community Drumming Group will meet again at 2pm in room 103 of the Health Sciences Building so as exams ramp-up and school winds down this could be a great way to relieve the stress of long study hours.

Thinking about what you’d like to be involved in next semester?  Consider the GC Community Drumming Group, your gateway to new experiences through drumming and music making with percussion. You will get to try new instruments and new ways to play instruments you may have seen or played.  Next semester the GC Community Drumming group will be again be meeting Friday afternoons at 2 pm plus we will have a special Wednesday evenings meeting after 5 PM to help make it over the mid-week hump.

The GC Community Drumming Group is sponsored by the Creative Arts Therapies department and the GC Music Therapy Society. The group is always free and open to students, staff and even faculty members. Come play through the end of the semester.

Christopher Karow
Music Therapy Student Community Drumming Leader
Experience the Rhythm of Life
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