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Georgia College Leadership Institute - Applications due July 31

The Georgia College Leadership Institute (GCLI) – an intensive, seven-month leadership growth and development program for Georgia College staff and administrative faculty – is now soliciting applications for our next cohort of scholars.  Next year’s program will begin in September 2018.

Participant Eligibility Criteria:

  • Employment at GC for a minimum of three years (upon program start date).
  • Positive performance evaluations for past three consecutive years.
  • Demonstrated potential for future leadership growth at Georgia College.
  • Minimum bachelor's degree and any other qualifications typically required for “next level” position.
  • Current management level/job title equivalent to Supervisor, Manager, Director, Chair or above.
  • Submission of resume or vitae.
  • Two letters of recommendation supporting the application (one personal and one professional).
  • Personal statement (no more than one page) sharing why the participant wishes to take part in the Georgia College Leadership Institute, including how his/her participation will benefit both him/her and Georgia College, and including how this program supports his/her career goals. 
  • Supervisor's approval and pledge of full support for participation in the program.

To apply personally, please email a statement indicating that you meet each of the eligibility requirements above – to  Be sure to attach the required application documents indicated above as well. All application materials are due in a single email message with attachments no later than 5pm Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

More information about the Georgia College Leadership Institute available here


The Georgia College Leadership Institute strengthens Georgia College by identifying, attracting, developing, and retaining top talent for the university.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Participants will have a firm understanding of leadership and a roadmap for their continued leadership development.  They will have greater confidence and will be more comfortable and more successful in filling leadership roles.
  • Participants will know themselves better and will be better equipped to influence others positively through their strengths while minimizing the negative impact of their weaknesses.
  • Participants will understand and be committed to the larger GC vision and mission.  Their perspectives will be broadened beyond a departmental view, which will be evident in their decision-making and in how they collaborate with people from other departments.
  • Participants will know they are valued by Georgia College, and both morale and productivity at GC can be expected to increase over time.
  • Georgia College’s reputation will be strengthened as it becomes known for its commitment to developing its people.

Components of the Program:

  •     Kickoff Dinner with President and Executive Panelists
  •     In-Class Teaching, with Interactive Group Exercises and Activities
  •     Personal Assessment(s)
    • Personality Test/Inventory/Profile (DiSC)
    • Leader Level Assessment
  •     20 Hours of Shadowing/Mentoring (within Georgia College, or elsewhere if justified and departmental budget allows for travel; list of available mentors will be provided)
  •     Application Project and Presentation
  •     Graduation Luncheon with President
  •     Growth of Job/Increased Responsibilities
  •     Commitment of participants to work with future cohorts and to work with GC's student leadership programs
  •     Annual Alumni Event/Activity to “close the loop” and report on progress of participants


  • Participants' Pre-Program Goals (As feasible, program will be tailored to meet these)
  • Leadership
    • Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?
    • The Laws of Leadership; What Great Leaders Do
    • Leadership at Georgia College
  • Off-Site Leadership Event - TBD (Past years have included “Live2Lead” with John Maxwell, Dan Cathy, Liz Wiseman, Simon Sinek, Warrick Dunn, Dave Ramsey, Don Yaeger, and Cheryl Bachelder in Duluth, GA)   
  • Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
  • Highly Effective Teams
  • Leader Levels and the Development Journey
  • Mission/Vision/Values
  • Growing Others - Including the importance of connection, relationships and legacy
  • Application Project and Presentation of “Personal Takeaway’s”
  • Participants' Post-Program Goals - How have they changed?  Where is growth evident?
  • Program Schedule/Logistics:
  • One cohort per academic year (10-15 participants)
  • Staff and administrative faculty
  • Seven or eight full-day sessions, including an off-site leadership event
  • Meet on Tuesdays, once per month (break for holidays and to accommodate the academic calendar)

Tentative Schedule (for 2018-2019):

  • Sep 10, 2018, 6pm – Kickoff Dinner with President and Executive Panelists
  • Sept 11
  • Oct 11, 12 – Off-Site Event (travel to ATL Oct 11 pm; return to GC by 6pm on 12th)
  • Nov 6
  • Dec 11
  • Jan 15, 2019
  • Feb 12
  • Mar 5 – Presentation of Application Projects to Executive Cabinet
  • Apr 9 – Graduation Luncheon

No overnight travel required, except one night for off-site leadership event.

Will meet away from central campus, to limit distractions from "normal work" (West Campus Center/Lake Laurel/Other Locations).

Lunch and morning/afternoon snacks provided.

Kyle Cullars
Assistant Vice President - Auxiliary Services and Organizational Development
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