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HR: Updated Start Date Matrix

We have heard your concerns regarding the onboarding process, and we have felt them right along with you. Timelines currently in place do not meet the needs of the manager or new hire, and they are not practical for the Employment Services team to meet all requirements for data entry into multiple systems.

I am attaching a revised start date matrix that will allow for more transparency throughout the process by adding in steps/deadlines to ensure that things are processed timely. Below are a couple of the reasons we are modifying this process:

  1. Staff & Student Offer Letters—every new hire and re-hire should have an offer letter for the respective job(s) that they work. The offer letter outlines the terms of employment, including the rate of pay, expected duration of employment (for part-time, temporary employees and student employees), and discloses whether or not the employee will be subject to pre-employment criteria such as background checks, credit checks, etc.
    • HR should review all offer letters prior to extension.
  2. Background Checks—since we transitioned to the new background check vendor in May 2018, the turnaround time for employees to initiate the request has increased tremendously. It takes an average of 5 business days for the employee to initiate the background check request, and then another 2+ days for the results to come in.
    • No employee is clear to begin work until they have passed all background requirements.

Given that so many steps in the process are contingent upon the successful completion of others, if a deadline is missed, the start date will be pushed to the start of the following pay period. This will help us to ensure that compliance standards are met at the institutional, USG, state, and federal level.  
The revised start date matrix will be uploaded to the HR intranet, specifically to the Employment Services page, this week. As always, any other updates made to the intranet will be communicated to the Supervisors list and shared via Front Page.
This matrix only shows the timelines for October and November; there will be additional information coming out regarding December hires in the coming days.
According to the new matrix, Friday, October 12, 2018, is the first deadline on the new matrix for bi-weekly new hires scheduled to begin on November 4, 2018.

We look forward to continuing to improve this process and helping you to onboard your new employees.

Amber Collins
Assistant Director for Employment Services
(478) 445-4236
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