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New Background Check Vendor: Accurate Background

The State of Georgia has made the executive decision to transition to a new background check vendor; along with all entities within the State of Georgia, every USG institution is required to make this transition before July 1, 2019. Georgia College will make the transition to Accurate Background for all pre-employment background checks beginning today, May 15, 2019. Background check instructions have already been updated and will be circulated in three ways today:

  1. Posted to the Intranet (Unify login is required) under Faculty and Staff forms and Human Resources (Employment Services, Onboarding Employees, and specified within every employment type built out)
  2. An email to the Supervisors’ List so that you may use the updated information for all new hires from that date forward
  3. Right here via Front Page!

If you have the background check instructions for Sterling Talent Solutions saved on your desktop for quick reference, we ask that you change out your saved document using the new information attached.

There will be no change in the existing background check process for you as a supervisor using Accurate. We only ask that you use the updated background check instructions as an enclosure with your offer letters issued effective immediately.

From the applicant’s perspective, they will receive an email invitation to login (link to create account provided within the email) and complete the background check that HR has launched on their behalf. The entire process will take the applicant a matter of minutes to complete, and they will receive email confirmation as portions are completed and when results are in. After their initial account is created, they can login to their portal and review updates at any time using their email and password they created.

In order to keep you as a supervisor/hiring manager dialed in during the beginning stages of the background check process, you will be copied on an email to the new hire that informs them that their email invitation to complete the background check investigation will be forthcoming. As always, once complete, you will receive an email stating whether or not the employee is clear to work at Georgia College. 

If you have any questions about the new background check process, please feel free to ask me directly. The Employment Services Team and I look forward to continuing to serve you with all of your onboarding needs.

Amber Collins
Assistant Director for Employment Services
(478) 445-4236
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