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New OneUSG Enhancement: Automatic Enrollment Feature into Retirement Plans

As part of the Cohort 4 go-live in December, the University System of Georgia has instituted a new feature to automatically enroll non-exempt (bi-weekly) employees into the correct retirement plan based on eligibility.

This automatic feature began on January 8, 2019. In addition to automatically enrolling newly eligible employees into the appropriate retirement plans, it will also identify current employees who were not enrolled in the correct retirement plan and will automatically enroll them in the appropriate retirement plan (this will mainly impact non-exempt employees). The system will also automatically terminate retirement enrollments for ineligible employees based on their position (Ex. A temporary employee enrolled in the Teachers’ Retirement System of Georgia (TRS) or a rehired retiree enrolled in the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan).

The majority of employees will not notice a change; however, we recommend that you review your last paycheck in January for any potential changes in the retirement plan. If you have questions, please contact the benefits team at for assistance.

Please note that exempt employees (at time of hire) still have an option to elect their retirement plan and will not be affected by the automatic enrollment feature.

Julia Williams
Assistant Director for Compensation and Benefits
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