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Paralysis of Political Correctness

The Office of Inclusive Excellence, the Department of Communication and the Department of English will host "The Paralysis of Political Correctness" workshop Tuesday, February 27 at 12:30p.m. in the MSU Lounge. This workshop is part of the Civility Development Workshop series. 

Stymied about the right thing to say, for fear of offending? You're not alone. On any given day, people in the highest – even “untouchable” – positions can be brought down by simply saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, to the wrong people. Today, we are deluged in workplace incidents where a casual comment, remark or question can invoke profound misunderstandings and consequences. People have grown afraid to voice their opinions and communicate honestly.

Participants will explore diverse strategies that can minimize and/or eliminate this mood killing, meeting room deadening, hard feelings inducing and now too often unforgiving social misstep. This is an opportunity to understand and resist this downward slide of overreaction and misunderstanding that virtually threatens freedom of speech in America today. 

To register for the workshop, go to For more information, please contact OIE at 445-4233. 


Jennifer Birch
Education Outreach and Training Coordinator
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