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Pollution to Paint

The Sustainability Fee Program and Shades of Green have asked eco-artist, John Sabraw, from Ohio State University to teach about his mission to remediate streams affected by acid mine drainage by utilizing the iron oxide byproduct to create acrylic and oil paint. During the remediation/transformative process, he collaborates with engineers, environmentalists, biologists, and chemists to create a product that is suitable for other artists to use and provides an opportunity for them to incorporate sustainable practices into their studios. Sabraw's work serves as a model for future environmental cleanup solutions and creates a platform where art and science can meet to accomplish one goal, which is to revert streams back to biological viability. In addition, he has garnered national acclaim for his unique artwork and has held a TedTalk about his mission to use the toxic byproduct as a valuable resource. 

Sabraw will have two sessions on front campus. During the first session from 2-4pm, students will have the opportunity to learn how he makes the paint and can also contribute to a collaborative mural. The second session will be in the A&S auditorium where he'll provide a presentation that will touch on water quality, aquatic environments, basic chemistry, and art. Provided is a link to a short clip that explains the extraction and transformative processes of the toxic effluent into acrylic and oil paint. This will be a great learning opportunity for students to see how sublime and fragile nature is and, most importantly, how powerful collaboration can be towards building a healthier future. 

Short clip:



Julia Steele
Events Coordinator
Sustainability Fee Program and Shades of Green Symposium -- Where: Front Campus When: Thursday, April 19 (Paint Workshop) 2-4pm & (Presentation) 5:30 pm
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