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Professional Renewal Workshop

Start the new year off right with a Professional Renewal Workshop, Friday January 11th from 10-12. RSVP now at . Location TBA. 

My new position as director of GC Journeys has enabled me to be out and about more, and I have had the opportunity to talk to more of my colleagues, more often, than I ordinarily would. I have noticed two themes bubbling to the surface. For some, there is a need to feel renewed, to feel invigorated by work rather than drowning in it.  For others, there is a need to collaborate meaningfully, to be part of a dedicated, interdisciplinary community working toward something significant. For many, it is both. And so, I decided what might help is an interactive workshop focused on professional renewal to kick off the spring semester. This will be a time to come together with colleagues and create a tailored plan for yourself while thinking about what we can do as a community. I spent some time in Finland this semester and saw a whole culture that is remarkably innovative and productive. They have found a way to be dedicated to their work and invigorated by it without sacrificing their personal lives. Maybe that could become the Georgia College culture. Come explore that possibility.


Cynthia Alby
Director of GC Journeys
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