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Ransomware/Phishing Email

Many USG institutions have been hit with a ransomware phishing campaign in the last few days which have been delivered to thousands. The attack profile has consisted of a phishing message that used a spoofed/forged “from” field and appeared to come from a campus copier/printer. In our case, it would appear to come from

The message carries a .docm attachment. Do not open the attachment. The attachment is the ransomware payload, which in this instance installs a remote access trojan.

This is an active attack. Communication efforts are underway to universities across the nation through REN-ISAC and there are many other confirmed instances of this throughout the county.

Remember the following things:

  • Always keep all of your software up to date with the latest patches; computer and phone.
  • Never click on links in emails or text messages and never open an attachment unless you are certain it's legitimate.
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