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Reminder: 25Live Launch Delayed

Georgia College is taking a “strategic pause” and 25Live is going live on Wednesday, July 10, instead of the earlier planned Tuesday, June 11, 2019.


25Live is the new events scheduling tool that Georgia College has purchased to help schedule, optimize, and allocate classroom and facilities resources.  25Live replaces our current R25 facilities and event scheduling software.  It is a more robust and complex software than R25, with numerous enhanced capabilities. To ensure we maximize our utilization of its capabilities it requires significant efforts to:

Complete “clean up” of any data and definitions being converted from R25

Conclude the identification, design and configuration of enhanced security level access specific to all requester groups

Continue the identification and development of reports and extracts

Finalize forms, security access and workflow for off-campus requesters

Finalize training and desktop usage guides

Fulfill any backlog of currently requested events in R25

Finalize a revision of current policies and procedures to align with 25Live design and best practices

Given the scope of the tasks outlined above and the impact to our entire campus, we have determined that a postponement is necessary to ensure a successful deployment and go-live.


Georgia College’s new 25Live events scheduling tool will be activated for the university campus community to begin using at 1:00pm on Wednesday, July 10.  

Transitioning to the new 25Live system requires a blackout period – a period when our current R25 scheduling software functionality is restricted and no new event space requests can be entered or processed in R25.  A timeline of important dates is listed below:

May 23 at 5:00pm until July 10 at 12:59pm: 

New space event requests cannot be entered.

R25 will be locked down and available for view only functionality.

Requests can only be viewed.

Requests cannot be edited or changed.

Locations can be searched but not scheduled.

Event calendars can only be viewed.

Any requests to schedule space during the blackout will be managed as an emergency exception request, on a case by case basis and must be submitted in writing for review and approval in accordance with the following process:Student Organizations:

Requestor submits completed “Exception Request Form” to appropriate Advisor / Sponsor.

Advisor / Sponsor reviews and if approved, forwards the request to VP for Student Affairs.

VP for Student Affairs reviews and if approved, forwards the request to the Interim Provost.

Interim Provost reviews and if approved, forwards the request to Facilities Scheduling for entry into 25Live and processing.

Faculty / Staff

Requestor submits completed “Exception Request Form” to immediate supervisor.

Immediate Supervisor reviews and if approved, forwards the request to the divisional Vice President (ie: VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Student Affairs, VP for Finance and Administration, VP for University Advancement).

Divisional Vice President reviews and if approved, forwards the request to Interim Provost.

Interim Provost reviews and if approved, forwards the request to Facilities Scheduling for entry into 25Live and processing.

July 10 at 1:00pm:

The new 25Live system will be activated.

New event space requests can be submitted.

All space requests previously confirmed in R25 for events scheduled to take place on or after July 8, will be available in 25Live.


The similarity of 25Live to R25, along with provided training, should make the transition easier for most current users. Training on 25Live will be scheduled for early July. Look for more detailed information on specific training sessions and dates in the next few weeks. Additional sessions will be planned to align with the start of the Fall 2019 semester. 


In the near future we will be using our new 25Live product to schedule locations for each of our Spring 2020 courses.  As we near our implementation date, several training sessions will be conducted regarding the system’s functions and how to complete course schedules in Banner.  In addition, before this new process is completed, we will conduct several “trial runs” of the scheduling software to verify and refine the system configuration. 


Please contact our 25Live implementation team members:

Project Manager:             Dennis Brown at

Functional Co-Lead:        Kay Anderson at

Support Specialist:           Jen Yearwood at

Support Specialist:           Tracy Norris at



Dennis Brown
Enterprise Project Manager
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