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Reminder: Outdoor Emergency Notification System test Wednesday, September 6

Georgia College will test the Outdoor Emergency Notification System (siren system) on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017. This test is scheduled to occur the first Wednesday of every month between 10 a.m. and noon and last approximately one minute. No action is required during the testing and all campus operations should continue as normal. A message stating that this is a test will prelude and follow the “alert” tone. In the case of an actual tornado warning, the message would advise of a tornado warning, and the tone would cycle through. This would be repeated every five minutes until the warning expires or is canceled, at which time an all clear message would sound. The audible system test will only be tested when clear sky conditions are present. Tests will not occur when skies are dark or severe weather is predicted for the area on the day the test is scheduled to occur. In this case, the test will be canceled for the month.

There are three sirens operated by GC in Baldwin County; one on West Campus and two on Main Campus.

This testing program is designed to maintain a reliable warning system and to meet recommended testing guidelines. Additionally, we want to maximize the effectiveness of the Outdoor Emergency Notification System. By performing the tests, we hope to enhance awareness and education regarding emergency preparedness at Georgia College and within the local community. 

Public Safety encourages you to routinely check your emergency kit and make sure you have an updated emergency plan of action for you and/or your family.  As part of National Preparedness Month, we encourage you to evaluate your own level of preparedness for severe weather in conjunction with this monthly test. For more information on how to prepare, visit Ready GA.

GC Public Safety
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