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Reminder: Schedule Your Course Feedback Session

Interested in getting valuable feedback that can help you improve your annual evaluation, student perceptions, and teaching craft? If so, we have faculty trained in two course feedback methods - both of which are vetted in research to serve you! The Center for Teaching and Learning offers a confidential, formative, midterm student feedback service available to all Georgia College instructors.

The following are descriptions of both processes:

SGID/GIFT: At the invitation of an instructor, a faculty facilitator trained in the classroom assessment technique guides students through a 30-minute, group consensus-building process in which they address the following four questions:

What do you like about any aspect of this course that helps you learn the material?

What suggestions do you have for improving any aspect of this course that would help you learn more?

How could those suggestions be implemented?

What can students do to improve this course?

The facilitator collates and types up the data; then meets with the instructor a week or so later to go over the student feedback. The facilitator will not report data on the student feedback to anybody other than the instructor.

Classroom Observation: When the instructor is looking for someone to observe their class, they will meet with the faculty facilitator beforehand and identify items for the facilitator to look for and record. On the day of observation, the facilitator will arrive at the class and observe the classroom during that day's lesson. Afterward, the facilitator will type up his or her notes and go over them with the instructor.

For more details, please visit Midterm Course Feedback. To schedule an assessment, complete the attached form and send it to ctl@gcsu.eduThe deadline to schedule a feedback session for the Spring semester is Feb. 25, 2020.

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