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Resurgence of Fraud Emails

Recently we seen a resurgence of a fraud email being circulated at GC.  Scammers are creating email accounts that appear to come from a campus executive or leader.  Recently we’ve seen them impersonate Dr. Dorman, Dr. Brown, Susan Allen, and most recently Dr. Spirou.  They also have impersonated deans, department chairs, etc.

The subject lines are usually something simple to try to create a sense of urgency, like “URGENT REQUEST!!!”.  The body of the email is also usually very simple, like “Are you available?”

The end result of the email conversation with the employee is to convince them to purchase and send them gift cards or money in some form to the criminal.

Please remember that if one of our executives, deans or directors had an urgent need they would most likely call/text, not email. No one at GC will use an external email for state business.

If you are not sure about an email, please check with the sender, their administrative assistant or send it to, or

To help you identify scams like these, please review the email below and notice the following:

The From: Has Dr. Spirou’s name, but the “mailto” is

The email has a subject line that is meant to elicit a sense of urgency, in this case “Urgent Request!!!”

There are no details within the message.

The message does not directly address a specific person.

The email has no signature line.

From: Dr. Costas Spirou []
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2019 4:30 PM

   Are you available right now?

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