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App lands GC student ticket to Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference

Senior math and computer science major Brian Minter was recently selected to attend the Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference.Brian Minter will be among the who’s who of the tech world as he attends the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, California, this week—and it’s all due to an app he created last summer.

“It was about a month long period where I woke up, worked on the app, ate and slept—that was pretty much it,” said Minter, a math and computer science major.

Minter came to GC with the idea of becoming a high school math teacher and was sidetracked when he took intro level computer science classes. Having parents who are both programmers, he wasn’t unfamiliar with the subject, but didn’t know how naturally it would come after gaining skills in his math major.

“What I love about programming is the ability to solve problems and then fix those issues,” said Minter.

Last summer Minter created the app CourseKeeper after being frustrated with not knowing where he stood in various classes he was taking. The app keeps track of course grades, GPAs and includes a calculator that can be used to estimate the grade an individual would need to make on a final to obtain a certain letter grade in the course.

“I thought this would be a good opportunity to create an app from scratch, and I figured it was doable for a first time app,” he said. “I’ve also always been a fan of Apple and knew I wanted to create an iOS app.”

Minter launched the app in fall of 2015 and watched the downloads come in. Since launching, he’s garnered 500 downloads from all over the world. Recently, Minter was chosen as one of only 350 students worldwide to attend the 2016 Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference, June 13-17, for his creation of CourseKeeper. The conference includes the opportunity to meet Apple engineers, attend workshops and get a first glimpse at new operating systems and updates.

“He is such an inspiration to other computer science students. He has a thirst for knowledge and constantly challenges himself to do new things,” said Dr. Gita Phelps, associate professor of computer science. “He is not just interested in making an A in a given course but of finding ways to use what he learns in real world applications.”

Minter will graduate in December and says he sees himself entering into the web development field in the Atlanta market.

“What I enjoy about computer science is that fact I can create something out of nothing,” said Minter. “If I can help people in the process, it just makes it even better.”

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