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Class of 2020: Student's passion is people and brain research

Katie Jester
Katie Jester

Incoming first-year student Katie Jester has a drive and determination that goes beyond many typical 18-year-olds. The new Bobcat has a medical condition called generalized dystonia—a movement disorder that causes muscles to co-contract and twist creating a lot of issues with posture and mobility. Despite her condition and undergoing many treatments and visits to the Mayo Clinic, she was able to graduate with honors in high school plus take courses at Augusta University.

When searching for colleges, Georgia College satisfied all of Jester’s criteria.

“I want to attend a school where other students would be engaged and take the college learning experience as seriously as I do,” she said. “I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of courses offered and the depth explored in the Honors Program.”

The Augusta native was drawn to the university because of the personal connection with other students and faculty.

“Perhaps the most striking to me was that everybody I’ve spoken to has been incredibly helpful—students and faculty are glad to be here,” said Jester.

The liberal arts facet also drew her to the campus.

“I chose Georgia College for several reasons,” Jester said. “I was interested in continuing my education at a smaller school that didn’t limit students’ creativity, extracurricular involvement or participation in research.”

Jester’s father likes the concept of the personal attention that each student receives.

“She’s going to establish strong relationships with faculty here,” said Matt Jester, Katie’s father. “What she’ll gather from there will give her a real strong idea as to what she can accomplish.”

Jester plans to study psychology and eventually neuroscience with applications branching into medicine, education, research and creative pursuits.

“While things are always subject to change, I’m looking forward to exploring what this school has to offer, establishing relationships that will keep me moving forward and absorb as much knowledge and application as I can,” she said. “I am very interested in studying the brain. The experience I have here will set the stage for the next step."

In looking ahead to fall, Jester hopes to find her niche at Georgia College.

“Ultimately, I want to find a pocket of study that can capture or weave together my colorful passions as they solidify,” she said.

Jester also plans to refine her leadership skills. 

“I have been described as a quiet leader, but not without power,” she said. “You probably won’t see me charging to the front of the line or yelling from the rooftops, but I will be making a difference as opportunities unfold.”


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