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Class of 2020: Upcoming history major excelling at high levels

Aaron Bellamy, a Thomas County native, has accomplished many things deemed nearly impossible for an 18-year-old. Not only is he an Eagle Scout, the highest rank for a Boy Scout, but he has also reached the national level for his high school’s debate team.

“That was a great experience because it allowed me to be able to tell what people from other states were doing,” said Bellamy. “And it’s also nice because Georgia (for the event that I do, which is Student Congress) isn’t all that into it. So it was nice to see students who were doing that as their normal event.”

The four-year marching band member has even seen his bill passed at the YMCA State Youth Assembly. Youth Assembly is essentially a mock state legislature. All students involved submit bills to be reviewed by all party committees, all party houses and later hope to get it approved and signed by the youth governor. Bellamy’s bill, encouraging a high–speed rail network between Atlanta and Columbus, made it to the youth governor. Such a case is honorable and rare.

Now a new student at Georgia College, Bellamy will be pursuing his bachelor’s degree in history.

“I thought I’d have some sort of science major.  But 11th grade, when I took AP U.S. History, I did so well and enjoyed it so much. I enjoy many other things, like coins, that deal with history, so it’s a natural choice for me.”

His mother, Vicki Bellamy, cannot be more convinced this is the school for him.

“My oldest daughter came here for HOBY a few years ago,” says Mrs. Bellamy.” “My husband and I got familiar with campus then. It’s funny because we both were like ‘this would be good for Aaron.’”

She is confident in his abilities to succeed at Georgia College.

“He’s one of six. Out of the six, he’s definitely ready. He loves to study, so I’m not worried about him.”

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