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Class of 2021: High school graduate trades in cutting board for business school

Incoming first-year Cole Fitzgerald

If you walk into Vuu-Asian Bistro on a Friday night, you’d likely find Cole Fitzgerald, a recent high school graduate, as the top chef. For the last year and a half, Fitzgerald has worked in a hard-earned position as a chef while balancing academics and other extra-curricular activities.

Fitzgerald is an incoming first-year from Roswell, Georgia. An employee for Vuu-Asian Bistro for the past three years, the Roswell High graduate has a keen sense of the value in hard work and perseverance.

“I actually started as a dishwasher, and I worked my way up to a busboy,” said Fitzgerald. “And then food running. Then to prepping and frying, and now [a chef].”

Though culinary arts is not at the forefront of his life, the business has taught him a valuable lesson that will follow him into his future career.

In his time at Roswell High School, Fitzgerald was a member of the school’s basketball team, Interact club and Sierra club. Through Sierra club, he was able to give back to his community in a small, but meaningful, way.

“In Sierra club, we went and cleaned up the community and learned how we can make a difference in small ways that contribute to the big way,” said Fitzgerald. “It helped me become a better person.”

Now a Georgia College bobcat, Fitzgerald will begin his journey toward a business degree in the fall. His ultimate career goal is to work as a company executive in business sales. He understands the work and time he’ll have to put into such a goal and has willingly accepted the challenge.

“Wherever I have to start, if I have to start rock bottom and work my way up, I’m willing to do it. Just like from the dishwasher to the chef.”

Fitzgerald hopes to learn more about what he wants to do in life and with business as he makes his home here, at Georgia College.


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