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Class of 2021: Pennsylvania native makes Georgia College her home

Lexi Pellack

It’s about 815 miles from Lexi Pellack’s high school in Easton, Pennsylvania, to Milledgeville, but this incoming first-year student already feels right at home.

After spending most of her life visiting her grandmother who lives near Savannah, she made up her mind to head down south for her education.

“I looked at schools in Georgia, in North Carolina and Florida, and once I visited Georgia College, I just completely fell in love with it—everything about it and the atmosphere,” said Pellack.

She actually stumbled upon Georgia College while visiting her grandma one summer. She said she and her parents attended a reception where they got to meet admission recruiters, and from there, they were hooked.

“All the staff has just helped me through everything. Jessica Gore (associate director of admissions) was a big part of that,” she said. “The tour guides were great too, and the whole athletic training program, which is what I want to do, it is fantastic.”

Eager to jump right into her major, Pellack has already been in contact with faculty in the department.

“They took the time to actually meet with her and talk to her and make sure that’s what she really wanted to do,” said her dad, Pete. “It just felt right— like when I met my wife,” he laughed as he talked about his daughter choosing to attend Georgia College.

Along with her coursework, Pellack plans to participate in sorority recruitment and play intramurals come August, and until then she’s eagerly awaiting her big move to Milledgeville.

“I’m so excited,” she said. “I just want to move in and be here already.”



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