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Class of 2022: Biology major migrates South for a public liberal arts education

Name: Gabrielle Sanchez

From: Haverhill, Massachusetts

Why Georgia College? I was interested in a change of pace and climate, so I decided to look down South. My school used a program called Naviance, which allowed me to research schools based on my preferred size and region, and Georgia College came up! I was able to take a virtual tour and research online, until I was able to visit for the first time in October. I loved the campus, along with the size of the school. It felt right!

The idea of a strong public liberal arts school is something I never really saw anywhere else, and I think that drew me in at first. On top of that, Georgia College has a strong honors program.

Major/Future Plans: I decided to major in biology after I started to become interested in science my junior year of high school. Senior year, I decided to double up in science by taking anatomy and environmental science, which ended up making me even more sure of my major! As of now, I’m hoping to work in the medical field after graduation.

Biggest achievements in high school: I graduated from a boarding school in North Andover, Massachusetts, with about 360 students. My senior year definitely held my proudest moments. I think I finally felt confident and sure of myself and my voice on campus and was able to project that through community conversations and writing for our school’s intersectional magazine, Spectrum.

What activities will you pursue in college? I’m in the honors program. As of now, I am hoping to join a club sport, the Pre-Healthcare Alliance, Amnesty International and Girls Grow. I also plan on rushing!

What are you most looking forward to? To be honest, I am most excited for the classes I’m going to be taking in college! There are so many options and different topics to grow interests in. So, I’m looking forward to figuring out what else I enjoy learning about.

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