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Class of 2022: Computer science major wants to help others with cyber security


Name: Dashawn Johnson

Hometown: Tennile, GA

Intended major: Computer Science


Why do you want to major in that? I have always found that I love computers. Since around the age of two, I have always had a computer in my hands and I have truly enjoyed my experience with computers. I play a lot of video games and have tried coding every now and then and I just enjoy the feel of technology in my hands.


Why did you choose to come Georgia College? I wanted to come to Georgia College because with the experience that I had with the youth tour I kinda had seen the campus firsthand and spoke to some people here on my first trip here and I saw how beautiful the campus was and I thought well maybe I could go to college here in two years so I decided to apply.


What do you want to get involved with at Georgia College? Coming from high school, I used to do chorus and drama so I'm hopefully going to do both.


What do you want to do as a career once you graduate? I would like to do game design but that's really difficult to get into but if not that maybe cyber security and try to find a field that fits me. Game design has always been my passion since I was a child. I feel like that's every boy's passion at some point in their life and cyber security is important to me because I like to have protection of my computer and if I can help other people be protected from scammers and whatnot, I would feel pretty happy about my life. It is all about serving others.


What's a fun fact about you? Wow, that is actually really difficult. I can make a really awesome bird noise.


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