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Class of 2022: Eagle Scout wants to continue to learn leadership skills by majoring in management

Name: Riley Nasrallah

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Intended major: Management

Why do you want to major in that? I was searching around for what I wanted to do and management seemed pretty versatile and so I decided to stick with that. 

Why did you choose to come Georgia College? When I was touring, Georgia College seemed like a great school. Its location in central Georgia was perfect for me since I am from the Atlanta area and I loved the traditional small town feeling that the school has.

What do you want to get involved with at Georgia College? That's a tough question, I would say probably Greek life and intramural sports. I was an athlete in high school and so I wanted to continue to follow my passion and play sports and my whole family has been in Greek life so I want to continue that traditon. I havn't looked too much at the student clubs but I am considering that as well. 

How did the Eagle Scouts prepare you for coming to GC? The Eagle Scouts really showed me what it means to be a leader and also how to follow others and learn from them which is a skill that is hard to find in today's society. I also learned about how important it is to work hard if you want to be successful at something.

What's a fun fact about you? I have five other siblings and not one of them has attended an in-state school until me.


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