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Name: Taylor Howard

From: Macon, Georgia

Why Georgia College? I chose Georgia College because of its location, and it reminded me of home as soon as I stepped on campus. The students and faculty were just so nice and welcoming and before I knew it, I committed to coming.

Major? Biology

Why did you choose your biology? I chose my major because I've always had a love for science, especially biology. I knew that I wanted to do something focused in that field.

What activities will you pursue in college? I want to get involved in a lot of clubs and activities. I'm not sure which clubs yet, but I know that I want to volunteer and get involved with the GIVE Center.

Why is service important to you? Service is important to me because I love to give of myself and of my time. It is a very humbling experience when you volunteer and it impacts you in many different ways. In my decision to attend Georgia College, I knew I wanted to continue serving and that I would be able to do that here which gave me even more of a push to come.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I have a secret obsession with reading and writing poetry.

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