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Class of 2022: Future doctor attracted to Georgia College’s science program

Name: Kun Hsi Chu

From: Hazelhurst, Georgia, two hours south of here.

Major: Biology

Why Georgia College? I saw that it had a good science program and then, also, there’s a good pre-med program and mentorship that I want to get into. So, that’s an important part in it. And, it’s just such a tight-knit community and school.

What activities will you do in College? In high school, I volunteered at the school and in the community in the library. I’ve got to explore college at first, but there’s probably something I’m going to be getting involved in. I don’t really know many of the programs here. But, as I said, the mentorship is something I want to get into and probably help around the community. Get to know Milledgeville better.

What will you bring to campus?  I really don’t know. I do like science. I hope I can help out around the community and maybe volunteer. Maybe practice here one day.

Future: I want to be a doctor. Right now, I’m thinking orthopedics. Bones just are interesting. Anatomy, that’s what I like.

What are you most looking forward to? I’m just ready for all of it to start.


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