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Class of 2022: Inspired to give the gift of music

Name: Gracie Wagner

From: Mount Juliet, Tennessee 

Major: Music education

Why Georgia College? I was at a college fair and all along, I thought I would go to Belmont. Well, I saw Georgia College's booth and it looked so cute. I liked the liberal arts focus and didn't necessarily want a religious aspect. I looked it over and loved it-- I knew it was the school for me.

Why music education? Music has been my thing since I learned what it was. I play six instruments. In my school, they let middle school students be in the high school band so I started in the sixth grade. For nine years essentially I was in the marching band. That really shaped me.

Why do you want to share music with others?  Music absolutely changed my life. I've had family issues in my life and for a really long time, it was hard to love myself. It was hard to be the kind of person who would one day say, "Yeah, I can move six hours away from where I live, and I'll be fine!". But music helped me find that within myself and grow. I want to give that same opportunity to others and for them to figure out what music can do for them.

What do you want to get involved with at Georgia College? I've never been an athletic person because I just didn't have the time for it. So that's something I want to experience. I want to expand my social circle. There's a Disney club here-- so now I'm part of that. There's also a video games club, which I want to do too. I just want to find more things like that.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.  I use $35 prescription toothpaste.

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