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Class of 2022: Life of travel sparks love of communication


Name: Lorena Alemán

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA. Born in Lima, Peru

Intended Major: Mass Communication or Marketing

How did you become interested in marketing and communication? My whole life I have traveled, and I feel like communication is a big factor in life, and communication is also a major key to success in life. With marketing, it runs in my family with business on my mom’s side, so I am very interested in that.

How did you choose Georgia College? First of all, the fact that it is very small and I like to be recognized by my name and not as a number, and also the fact that it is a liberal arts school because I like learning sociology and philosophy, not only about my major.

What are some of the things you hope to get involved with at Georgia College? Mostly the International Club, the Hispanic Club, and probably a sorority. 

What is a fun fact about you? I speak four languages and have lived in four countries! I was born in Peru, and when I was one month old I moved to China and stayed there until I was three. Then, I moved back to Peru, went to a French school, then moved to Chilé (still at a French school), then moved back to Peru, and then here, to an American school, and I learned English here.




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