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Class of 2022: North Carolina native looks to future in pre-med, volleyball











Bentley Earnest

Name: Bentley Earnest
Hometown: Denver, North Carolina
Intended major: Political Science with a minor in Spanish and Biology
Why do you want to major in that? When I was little my brother and I were playing in the backyard, and it started to drizzle and he tried to jump up on the table and he cut his arm. We ended up going to the hospital and while we were there I noticed the hustle and bustle of all the doctors and nurses. The doctor asked if I wanted to come in and watch--," 

"No, you asked if you could come in and watch," said her father Sean Earnest. 

"I wanted to see it! After I did, I knew this is what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be."
Why did you choose to come to Georgia College? I had a couple different offers from other schools and ended up choosing Georgia College because I liked the environment. It's kind of its own little town and community.
What are you looking to get involved with? I'm definitely looking to study abroad in the summertime. I also was invited to go to a leadership luncheon today so I'm excited about that. I was class president and so I've done leadership things in the past. I'm pretty stoked to do that here. 
Tell us a fun fact about yourself.  Oh! I wakesurf. I actually participate in competitions, and I've been wakesurfing for about two years.

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