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Class of 2022: Pre-med student plans on helping others through biomechanic engineering


Name: Alex Griego

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Intended Major: Biology (Pre-Med Mentoring Program)

Why did you choose to major in Biology? I've always been interested in medicine my whole life and I wanted to find a way where I could use my passion to help others.

Why did you choose to come to Georgia College? I chose to come here because when they had the college fair where I lived, the admissions counselors really stood out at me because they were so helpful and knowledgeable about things I should be considering when choosing a college and how to prepare myself for medical school. 

What do you want to get involved with while you are at Georgia College? A lot of the different clubs interest me as well as intramural sports and I'm excited to see all the different groups that student organizations offer.

What do you want to do with Pre-Med after graduation? I would like to go into biomechanical engineering. Biomechanic engineering is the reconstruction of limbs on a cellular level. These kinds of doctors are important because they help people get their mobility back and I would like to have a part in that.

What's one fun fact you would like us to know? The roads are a lot nicer in Georgia than they are in South Carolina. 


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