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Class of 2022: Shooting for the green

Name: Jaylen Parker

Hometown: Augusta, GA

Intended Major: Chemistry

What attracted you to your intended major? I've always been a fan of biology and science, but chemistry is the one that's always come the easiest to me. 

What are you most looking forward to at Georgia College? I think, getting an education that I know is going to help me get a job and making friends.

What was your driving force in pursuing a higher education? Seeing all of the nice things and living a good lifestyle growing up. As a kid, I was like, 'man, I want that when I grow up'. So get a good education. Get a good job. Chase after it. 

What student activities, clubs, or organizations interest you the most? I'm interested in certain Greek Life, and also I'm interested in golf so I'll play that too. 

How did you get interested in golf? My dad introduced it to me about four years ago and I was pretty skeptical about it, but then I started taking it really serious about two years ago, and I began winning. 

What other colleges did you apply for and what made you decide on Georgia College? I got accepted to Mercer as well as Georgia Southern, and this is probably the best in terms of its layout and teacher-to-student ratio.

What are your hopes beyond college? My intended plan is to go to medical school and either become a registered nurse or dentist.  



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