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Class of 2022: Small town girl plans to get involved in big ways

Name: Blaze Beasley
Hometown: Doerun, GA
Intended major: Biology
Why do you want to major in that? I have always been really good at math and science. In high school, I took a biology class and fell in love with the subject.  Also, majoring in biology will help me to succeed in dental school in just a few short years.  
Why did you choose to come to Georgia College?  I chose to come to Georgia College because of Milledgeville. The small, southern town feel reminds me of home.
What do you want to get involved with at Georgia College? I plan to become involved in Greek life, leadership positions, or whatever I feel led to do.
What's a fun fact about you? I am 5'11" and the shortest in my family!

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