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Class of 2022: Twins look forward to new possibilities at Georgia College


Twins Bryan Irlbeck (left) and Matthew Irlbeck (right)


Name: Bryan Irlbeck (Biology) and Matthew Irlbeck (Undecided)

Hometown: Cumming, GA

What is it like to be twins? People tend to group us together and they also get our names mixed up a lot. Even though we are fraternal twins, there is an astounding lack of individuality sometimes.

How do you feel when people get confused? Matthew: Im kinda used to it. Its happened my whole life, so they are just like, 'hey Bryan, whats up?' I usually think to myself, 'ok I will respond to Bryan because at least they tried.'

Why did yall choose Georgia College? GC had a long list of majors so if we ever decided to change majors, we know that there are plenty of options to choose from. We have also had friends who have came here and they loved the college so we thought it would be a great option to consider.

Why do yall choose those majors? Bryan: I would like to go in medicine and biology is a good major to prepare you for that. Matthew: Business has always interested me and science has too and I just want to find out what I am really here for. I feel like this is the right place.

What do you want to do at Georgia College? Bryan: I would like to do tennis and get to meet people. Matthew: I wanna go to the gym, that sounds fun. Im interested in art too. 

What are your future career plans? Bryan: I would like to be a physician or something where I can be moving around a lot and not sitting at a desk because that would be torture. Matthew: I am actually pretty interested in jobs where you sit at a desk (laughs) and also being a doctor sounds fun and wholesome as well.

What is one fun fact about you? Bryan: I love video games. Matthew: I enjoy drawing and creating art.

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