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Class of 2023: Baseball player dreams of becoming orthopedic surgeon


From: Birmingham, Alabama.


Major: Exercise Science.


Why Georgia College? I chose Georgia College, not only because of the opportunity I was given to pursue my dream of playing college baseball, but also because it fit every criteria I could think of. The campus is beautiful and the perfect size for me. Also, everyone here is incredibly kind.


Biggest achievements in high school: My biggest achievements were lettering in baseball three times, making it into the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta, receiving an advanced diploma and, of course, signing with Georgia College on my high school campus.


What activities will you pursue in college? I’ll be on the varsity baseball team at Georgia College, and I’m actually very curious to see what else I can be involved in as far as other clubs and organizations.


What are you most looking forward to? I’m most looking forward to the challenge that comes along with living on my own for the first time and the various areas of study that a liberal arts education has to offer.


What will you bring to campus? I’m definitely bringing plenty of stuff to cover my walls and put on my shelves. When someone walks into my room, I want them to get a little insight on who I am without me having to say a word. Oh, and my small collection of tennis shoes/sneakers.


Future plans: I plan on going to medical school and studying orthopedic surgery in the hopes of one day finding a job in the world of sports medicine. 

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