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Class of 2023: Bright lights bring mass comm major to Milledgeville

Name: Frankie Mastras

Hometown: Rockaway, New Jersey

Intended major: Mass Communication

Why did you choose to major in that? I have been involved in my high school's TV classes and clubs. I was one of the news anchors for my high school's morning announcements and was very comfortable in front of the camera. I talked to my teacher, Mrs. Malandrino regarding a career in broadcast journalism, and she suggested that I could be a news anchor so from there something clicked with me. 

What is your career goal? I want to be a news anchor on a major network or be an actor.

Why did you choose to come to Georgia College? The main reason is that I read an article about Georgia College, and I learned that Georgia College had a phenomenal mass communication and theatre programs, which was what I wanted to major and minor in. I also despise the cold up north.

What do you plan to get involved with here on campus? I would like to be involved in theatre, student government, TV production clubs, intramural sports like soccer and volleyball, choir and possibly other leadership programs. 

What’s a fun fact about you or your family? I participated in an all-male beauty/talent pageant at my high school.

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