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Class of 2023: Community-minded student dreams of owning a business

Hometown: West Chester, Ohio

What is your intended major? Business or possibly marketing

Why did you choose this major? I see myself as a big people person. I want to be my own boss one day. I’m a very hands-on type of person.

Why did you choose to attend Georgia College? My parents have always wanted to retire on a lake, so they bought a place on Lake Oconee. I started looking at colleges in Georgia, and I liked the campus here. It’s a beautiful campus. It’s not too big and not too small of a school. My high school graduating class was around 700 students. So, I had about 30 students in each class, so I'm looking forward to the smaller class size Georgia College offers.

Which campus organizations do you plan to get involved in? I plan to get involved with an organization after I do some exploring. I was heavily involved with my community in my hometown.

What are some fun facts about you? I help flip houses on the side. That’s pretty much what I’m doing to our house right now. I’m landscaping all around the house, installing lights, painting and doing a lot of electrical work for the outdoor lights; pretty much everything.  I’ve been helping my parents since I was a kid. I know how to do tiling. I’m doing a ship-lap wall while they’re gone. I enjoy being a handyman.

I saw a need in my community for fresh produce, so I created a garden. The local food pantry drops off about 80 percent of donations in the summer months, because a lot of the donations come from school-driven organizations. So, when school is over, people in need get way less food, and they get canned or dry goods. They don’t get a lot of fresh produce. So, I thought it would be a fun little twist for them to get some fresh organic produce. I started a little garden in pots in my backyard when I was in third or fourth grade. Then, it eventually grew to a 40 ft. by 40 ft. community garden. 

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