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December 2016: senior pursues a life, career of giving back

Senior Erin Patrick (right) discusses upcoming projects at a GC Miracle meeting.

Senior mass communication major Erin Patrick has spent her experience as a student at Georgia College entrenched in giving back.

“I knew I wanted to write but other than that, I didn’t really have a direction,” said Patrick. “Once I found PR and advertising, I knew that the creative aspect of those areas was what I was meant to do.”

Throughout her time here, she’s transformed her talents into working closely with GC Miracle, a student group that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since its existence at Georgia College, the group has raised over $300,000 for its cause.

“I got involved my freshman year, and I knew I wanted to work with an organization and help with their public relations,” said Patrick. “From there, I quickly realized how passionate I was about the message and mission of GC Miracle. It’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done during my time in college.”

Patrick, who now helps local schools create and manage their own dance marathons, says being involved in a fundraising organization like GC Miracle allowed her to look outside her own campus bubble.

“There are so many people involved, and we all have different skills,” said Patrick. “Everyone brings something different to the table, and we rally around this one cause. I don’t think I would have made so many connections around campus if it wasn’t for my involvement.”

Patrick says what makes GC Miracle different is its approach to fundraising and the dedicated individuals involved. That dedication showed itself even more when the group exceeded their goal of $24,000 in 24 hours by raising $30,205 in late October 2016.

“I’ve always been a passionate person, but I just never really found a place that fit me,” said Patrick. “I found that in GC Miracle.”

Patrick also credits the GIVE Center for impacting? her experience at Georgia College. She says the resources available to students on campus are unmatched elsewhere.

“They support organizations so much in their mission. We wouldn’t be able to get the resources that we do anywhere else,” said Patrick.

The senior, who says she choose Georgia College because she knew she wouldn’t be “swallowed up” like at other schools, says her next step is a job that she can believe in.

“I want to use all the skills I’ve gained over the course of my experiences here,” said Patrick. “I’m looking in the non-profit sector right now. What I really want is to find something I’m passionate about and to be excited about the work I’m doing.”

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