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December 2017: Computer Science major contributes to WIT (Women in Technology) and softball program

Danielle Bernstein
Danielle Bernstein

Major: Computer Science

What drew you to your major? I was drawn to my major while I was pursuing another major. I came into college wanting to be a math major. One of our requirements as a math major was to take two computer science courses. I was immediately pulled into the thought of doing this for a living. The thought of discovering ways to develop technology and make it better was incredibly interesting.

What satisfaction do you get out of being an athlete and why? Being a collegiate athlete was one of the best experiences. It taught me how to be disciplined, be a good teammate, be a good friend and be an engaged student. I could not be more grateful for the people I’ve met through Georgia College athletics and the connections I have now because of that.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment at GC and why? My last semester at Georgia College, I was honored with being inducted into the international honor society of computing discipline, Upsilon Pi Epsilon. It took a lot of hard work and being one of very few girls in the computer science department, I felt like it was a huge honor.

What are your future hopes and dreams? I hope in the future that I’ll have a steady job in the computer science field helping the evolution of technology.

How are you involved on campus and what is your favorite extracurricular activity? I’m involved with the Georgia College softball program as a student assistant and I take part of the GC WIT (Women in Technology). My favorite extracurricular activity would definitely be helping with the softball program.

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