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December 2017: Dancing her way through college

Caylin Sams


Major: Mass Communication

Hometown: Douglasville, Georgia

Why did you decide on your major? I thought I might want to own a wedding venue and be a wedding coordinator. I talked to my advisor and was told Mass Communication was a great fit. I later changed my mind to wanting to get into video production, but that’s one of the best things about Mass Communication. You can change your mind without having to change your major. 

What’s your secret to being on the Dean’s and President's lists? Lots and lots and lots of coffee. Also, dancing - it really helped me to have a creative outlet while worrying about tests and assignments. I would go to Sassy Cats practice and literally dance all the stress away. 

What do you enjoy most about being on the Sassy Cats dance team? Sassy Cats was such a blessing in my college career. I was on it freshman through senior year. I gained so many forever friends through this team that I am so thankful for. Dancing with people creates such a special bond. Not only did I get to continue dancing in college, but I got to dance with some really incredible girls and that’s definitely what I enjoyed most. My favorite routine was the jazz routine we took to the Peachbelt Conference Competition in 2016, my junior year. We won first place with that routine. It was awesome. 

What did you like the most about Georgia College? I have so many favorite things about Georgia College. So I’m just going to choose one of my favorites to talk about for this interview. I absolutely loved that I was a part of the summer 2013 Bridge Scholars program. It’s a program Georgia College offers to students with a high GPA and low test scores and vice versa. I took seven credits the summer before my freshman year with 100 other students. I was so mad that I had to do it at first, but now it’s one of my favorite experiences. It allowed for an easier transition to college with only 100 other students instead of 1,000. I took one of my first college classes with Dr. Tina Yarborough whom I love and adore to pieces. I met my best friend and four-year-strong college roommate. It was so much fun and I think all my fellow “Bridgees” would agree with me. 

What do you plan on doing once you graduate? This summer, I had a video production internship in London, England, with a company called TopLine. I am back in Georgia now and plan to work on films in and around Atlanta as a production assistant.

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