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December 2017: Senior finds college to be transformative

Kelley Quinn

Double major: English and Liberal Studies for gender and sexuality.

Double minor: Community Health and Spanish.

Hometown: Roswell, Georgia

Internship: Peer facilitator at the Women’s Center.

Work: Student assistant for Departments of Philosophy and Liberal Studies.

Academics and activities: Dean’s List, studied abroad, published in Peacock’s Feet, Spanish Club, National Honors Society and Theatre.

Why Georgia College: “Originally, I was just an English major when I came here, and it was mostly for Flannery O’Connor. The English department’s amazing. The campus was beautiful too, and I really liked the small-town feel.”

Missing graduation: Going to Morocco in December with two other students to present research on gender-based issues. Quinn and graduating senior Breanna Harkins will bring their caps and move tassels over in a mini-celebration of their own.

Favorite class: "The reason I got into the gender and sexuality major was Dr. Sunita Manian’s GC2Y class on “Gender and Sexuality in South Asia.” I remember being like ‘I don’t want to be here; it has nothing to do with English.’ But, to this day, that class was one of the most amazing courses I’ve ever taken. It was so interesting and inspiring, and everything we talked about was just so new. I was like ‘Sign me up.’ It was revolutionary.”

Quote: “I feel like the college experience wasn’t really what I thought it was going to be – but not in a bad way. It’s been different than what I expected but better. I found my niche here. In high school, I did whatever my friends did. But, here, I can have my foot in the English department and also be with gender studies. I can do a little theatre and volunteer after school. I can do all these things and still feel like a whole person.”

Future plans: To work with sexual-assault victims or teach sex education.

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