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December 2018: Accounting major reflects on experiences both inside and outside the classroom

Lily Payne

Major: Accounting 

Hometown: Savannah, GA

Extracurricular activities: 

  • Alpha Delta Pi: Alumni Relations Chair, Calendar Chair, and Membership Education Committee
  • Council of Student Ambassadors
  • Bobcat Abroad Ambassadors
  • Managing Mega Chapters (Leadership Committee)
  • Georgia College Miracle Network (Underclassmen Engagement Committee Representative) 
  • GEM Program (Georgia Education Mentorship Program)

What are your plans after graduation?: I will be moving to the Atlanta area to work with Moore Colson, CPA and Advisors (in their tax department) come January 2, 2019.

What was your favorite class?: I really enjoyed Professor Teresa King's classes. She taught both my Principles Accounting II class and Intermediate Accounting II. Accounting isn't the easiest of material to learn and she definitely did a great job guiding us through the complexities in an organized and logical manner. Her Principles II class is what encouraged me to enjoy Accounting and continue to pursue this career path.

Who was your favorite professor?:That's a difficult question...I've had a handful of really wonderful professors throughout my time at Georgia College. One that really sticks out however, is Professor Tom Moore. He is such a high energy man and his way of teaching tax made it so interesting and relatable! When you hear the word tax, people usually want to run screaming, which is exactly how I wanted to react. However, after taking his class, I've never been more excited to learn more about taxes. 

How did your college experience help you grow or change your perspective?: Coming into college, I didn't know a soul. I knew of people from mutual friends, but I didn't have close friends from high school that would be attending. With that being said, I wanted to be able to come to a new place and start off on a clean slate and that's exactly what college has allowed me to do. I think Georgia College has given me the opportunity to take on some wonderful leadership roles and allowed me to mature and grow in ways I hadn't anticipated. I've had the opportunity to be a part of some really great organizations that have afforded me the chance to get involved in the community and develop some fantastic relationships that I'll continue to have post-graduation. 

Through these opportunities, challenges and adventures that college has offered, my perspective has changed in the sense that I have become a more broad, long-term thinker. By nature, I am an incredibly analytical, get it done now, type A individual, but throughout experience and time, I've been able to adapt better to change and I know that will benefit me in the future. Life doesn't always play out how we anticipate it to so learning to be flexible and accommodating is something I'm grateful to have learned throughout my college career. 

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