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December 2018: Creative writing major finds bliss in crafting little worlds

Shereka Poole

Hometown: Milledgeville

Why did you choose to pursue an English degree? I chose a degree in English Creative Writing because writing has always been my passion. I love being able to craft my own little worlds, where I can control what happens. I’ve been writing since third grade and haven’t stopped since.

What do you enjoy most about studying English? For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of any English class is discussing a good novel. As an English major, I’ve easily been assigned at least 10 novels per semester, which have caused fun, and sometimes heated, debates during class discussions. 

What did you learn at Georgia College that you can apply in your career? I have learned there is no wrong way of writing. I do not need to be a carbon copy of some well-known writer to be noticed. All it takes is for you to write what want and believe you will succeed. 

What did you enjoy most about Georgia College? I enjoyed all of the different activities GC has to offer. There's always something going on. My favorite memory of this past term would be becoming more involved with Bobcat Media Productions, and going with them to the SCAD Savannah Film Festival. As a creative writing major, it was such a wonderful experience going to panels to listen to writers speak.

What's your favorite organization that you belong to? The most life-changing organization that I have joined during my time here is my sorority Delta Sigma Theta. It has been so amazing becoming a part of such a large family. Nu Tau, my chapter here at GC, is small, but our sisterly bond will always remain strong, even after we have all graduated.

Who was your favorite professor and why? My favorite professor would have to be Dr. Palmer. I really like his lecture-based classes. He’s very passionate about his work and always assigns novels that open my eyes to a different style of writing.  

What are your plans once you graduate? I hope to stay at GC and pursue masters degrees in English and fine arts. Ultimately, I want to teach English in South Korea for a year and visit the UK.

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