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December 2018: Geography major wants to travel world and make people smile

Joseph (Joey) Anthony Sousa

Hometown: Milton, Georgia

Major: Geography with minor in environmental science

Why Georgia College: People I knew from my hometown went to Georgia College and only had great things to say about it.  After touring the campus, I really fell in love with the small-school, hometown feel.  I knew a big school wasn't for me. I really wanted a close-knit community that I felt I had a real part in, and I have been fortunate to have gotten that from Georgia College.

Activities: Intramural Sports, president of the Disc Golf Club, DJ for WGUR, Geography Club treasurer, hosted midnight breakfast Bingo Night.

Favorite Class: “Survey of Philosophy,” because that class changed the way I thought about the world and really broadened my understanding of the people in it.  The other would be “Outdoor Living Skills,” because it was just such fun.  We learned practical skills, and I gained an even greater appreciation for the outdoors.

Key to success in college: Balance is the key to having a valuable college experience. You have to make a ton of decisions when it comes to how you spend your time. You have to think about what’s most important to you at the time. Once you do, it becomes much easier to see the path forward.

Changes in college:  I have become much more open-minded when it comes to other people. We all carry biases, whether we know it or not, and it’s important to understand that just because a person may disagree or have a different viewpoint than you, that does not mean one is right and one is wrong.

Advice to first-year students: Think about what you like doing and what you're passionate about and use the resources that Georgia College offers to find other people who like the same things. You’ll meet so many amazing people and do so many rewarding and fun things, if you just take that first step to reach out.  Many of the friendships and relationships I’ve made with people through Georgia College will last my entire life.

Future: I’ve always wanted to travel the world. My goal right now is to use the skills I've gained from Georgia College to find a career that allows me to travel, while making people smile and improving lives anywhere I can!  The experiences I've had at Georgia College set me up perfectly for the ever-changing world we have in front of us. I'm excited to tackle all that comes my way!

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