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December 2018: Graduate uses Exercise Science to Give Back to The Community

  1. What first sparked your interest in Exercise Science, in particular regards to your work with people with disabilities?

The biggest spark I had that drew me to to exercise science was my fascination and passion with the human body. I knew there was so much complexity behind our everyday day actions, including breathing, so I wanted to learn more about it. I wanted to learn and gain knowledge so I could then gain the ability to help others use their bodies to it’s ultimate capabilities! I am so thankful for the opportunity Georgia College provided me with an opportunity to work with individuals with disabilities. It truly fueled my passion by allowing me to apply all the knowledge I learned at Georgia College as well as helping individuals learn about their bodies and progress their body and lifestyle to its maximum potential. We are all capable of great things, and it was incredible helping these individuals realize this. I enjoyed seeing them push barriers and create new limits. 

  1. What led to your work with the Life Enrichment Center and is the work what you expected it would be? How or how not?

  I chose to work at the life Enrichment Center because I wanted to be able to apply my studies in the real world and help individuals at the same time. The Life Enrichment Center is an amazing program, and the opportunity to put myself out there and help individuals reach new goals was something I could not pass up. Not only was I able to help the individuals at the Life Enrichment Center improve their quality of life, I was able to grow as a person and a future professional in the health and human performance field because of these amazing individuals. I gained lifelong relationships, and it was everything I expected and more.

  1. What is your proudest moment at Georgia College, and can you describe the events that led to that moment?

 My proudest moment at Georgia College was completing my internship and capstone project. Both pulled me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to gain more knowledge and skills that I need as I leave Georgia College. Through these two projects, I had to put aside my books and dates at the library. I had to learn to not only apply all I have learned at Georgia College, but tie my character into it and demonstrate the skills and growth I gained through my four years at Georgia College. I could not have made it through my internship nor my capstone project without the help of my amazing professors. 

  1. What are your plans after college?

 After College, I plan to intern at a couple of physical therapy clinics as well as other health and human performance careers, to find the career that is best for me, and then return to school to attain a professional/graduate degree. 

  1. What is the single, most important event that led to your interest in exercise science?

The most important event that led to my interest in exercise science was seeing several of my friends as well as myself consistently researching on Google “how to loose weight”, “how to be more flexible”, “ how to get better at this or that”. I wanted to put an end to the myths and be able to help others really understand themselves and their body to gain the best quality of life possible. 

  1. What is the importance of Exercise Science in today’s world?

Exercise Science is very important to our world today, as computers can only do so much. Our bodies are very complex and need proper understanding and care that cant always be bought online or fixed by a machine. All of our bodies are unique and capable of great things, and full recovery, but only if we listen to them, treat them right, and fuel them correctly. Exercise Science is very important to fitness as well as rehabilitation standpoint. 

  1. Where do you hope to go next?

I plan to explore my options in the health and human performance field and find the right place for me to grow and continue to help others. I had originally intended to go go back to PT school, and receive my doctorate, but I decided to explore my options before committing to one career. 

  1. What did you find most surprising about Georgia College?

What I found most surprising about Georgia College was the atmosphere and connectedness of the college. All my professors genuinely cared about us. They made sure we really understood everything as well as created a great student teacher relationship. I loved the closed knit atmosphere that made it feel like home.

  1. What was your favorite part of attending Georgia College and how do you think that might influence your future?

 My favorite part of attending Georgia college was the community. I loved it so much, it felt  like a family. You really got to know everyone including the professors, the students and the town locals. You create long lasting relationships at Georgia College. It becomes a home.

  1. Finally, what advice would you give to incoming students at Georgia College?

 I would tell all incoming freshmen to stay focused and not be afraid to take risks. You don’t want to get stuck in a career everyone wants you to be in but you don’t love. I think it’s OK to explore and work hard because if you have a passion for something then you will always find a way. I would tell them not to worry about the salary of the job but the happiness it brings them! 

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