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December 2018: Graduating senior finds people skills are critical to the workplace

Conner Pelfrey 

Major: Management

Hometown: Norcross, Georgia

What did you enjoy most about studying management? What I enjoy most about studying management is learning about field of business and how to work best with other people which I will be able to apply after I graduate. 

Why did you choose to pursue this major? I chose to pursue a degree in management because there are many good paths this major opens up and at the beginning of college I wanted to keep an open mind about what I wanted to do after graduation. My mother has also been very successful in the field and I would like to follow in her footsteps.

Who was your favorite professor and why? My favorite professor was Ken Hendry who teaches Human Resources Management. Professor Hendry taught using his successful experience in the field of Human Resources which was an effective technique that kept class interesting each day. I learned more applicable information in this class than any other class I’ve had before. 

Where do you plan to work after graduation? After graduation, I plan to begin working at GEICO in Macon, Georgia, where I will be in the Management Development Program in sales. After having an internship with this company last summer, I knew that GEICO would be a great start to my professional career.

What did you learn at Georgia College that you will apply in your career? The most important thing that I learned at Georgia College that will help me in my career was how to work effectively in a group. Having people skills is crucial in the business field and I feel as prepared as I can be upon my completion of my management degree.


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