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December 2018: Making a mark in health care


Jonathan Mackey and Garrett Nix

Jonathan Mackey (JM): Dublin, Georgia.

Garrett Nix (GN): Covington, Georgia.

Why did you choose Georgia College? JM: I really just enjoyed the atmosphere when I took my campus tour, which feels like ages ago, and I had always been told that the nursing school here was well renowned throughout the state! I loved Milledgeville the second I came here and knew this is where I wanted to spend my college years. Being pretty close to home was a nice upside too, especially if I needed to make a trip back for anything important.

GN: When I decided I wanted to become a nurse I started looking at BSN programs in the state and comparing their NCLEX pass rates, GC consistently had some of the highest pass rates. GCSU's nursing program also has some of the highest clinical hour requirements in the state, I felt these two factors were some of the best I could use to gauge how well the program would prepare me to become a competent nurse.

What made you pursue nursing? GN: I was drawn to nursing because I have always been fascinated by the complex systems at work within our body. Its amazing how efficient our bodies are at keeping us alive, especially considering how much damage many of our lifestyles tend to do to them.

JM: I have always had this drive to help people, "a servant’s heart" as my mom would say. I love to interact with people and to be there when they need someone the most. I always knew nursing was the route for me because you get the personal interaction that you can easily miss in other areas of the medical field. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than when a patient, or their family member, gives you praise or a hug on their way out the door as they head to the house!

What were some of your favorite moments in your nursing cohort? GN: My favorite aspects of nursing school have been continuing to learn about the body, and getting to know my classmates. Stress is very good at bringing people together, usually to complain, and I feel nursing school as well as Buffingtons at 11 a.m. immediately after a test have helped me gain some great friends I would not have found otherwise.

JM: I absolutely loved my classmates! Being able to work with and get to know them on a personal level was a blessing itself, and I wish I could take the time to tell even half the stories that came from those clinical experiences lol! We also had end of the semester "get together(s)" that were always a blast too, Spring 2017 cohort will always be the best group of people, but especially nurses, to come through GC in my opinion! 

What are your plans after graduating? JM: I plan on looking for employment at Navicent Health, The Medical Center, in Macon at the cardiac step-down unit where I completed my practicum hours. After working in this environment for at least a year or two, I hope to seek employment in an emergency department, and/or return to school for my master’s in nursing and continue on that route to eventually become a nurse practitioner.

GN:After I graduate I am taking a job at Emory Midtown in their Surgical ICU which I feel will be a great place to start my nursing career and continue learning. 

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