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December 2018: Nursing grad looks toward future at Mayo Clinic

Caitlin MacDonald

Hometown: Richmond Hill, Georgia

What made you want to pursue nursing? I graduated with a BS in Biology in 2015 and decided to come back to GC to pursue a degree in nursing. After my first experience here GC was the obvious choice when deciding which nursing program I would attend. I knew that the GC School of Nursing had a great reputation and would be the best first step toward a career in nursing. When I originally came to GC planning to go on to medical school. After graduating with my biology degree, I realized that I wanted to have a closer relationship when caring for my patients. Nurses tend to spend more time caring for the patients and their family members, which what I wanted to do. This is what made me change from going to medical school to a pursuing a career in nursing. 

Why did you choose Georgia College? I have been in the Middle Georgia area since starting my first undergraduate degree at GC in 2011. I originally choose Georgia College because of its charm and small-town feel, when visiting the campus GC was a place I could see myself being able to enjoy.

What were some of your favorite moments during your time in your nursing cohort? Some of my favorite moments from the nursing cohort are being at clinical rotations with my classmates and instructors. You never know what is going to happen, it doesn’t matter if you have had a good day or a bad day, your classmates are always there to make you laugh. We also get to spend time caring for patients one on one with our instructors during clinical rotations. These have been some of my favorite moments because sometimes you don’t realize that you know what you are doing and the studying and hard work is paying off, the instructors at GC really have a way of making you feel confident and help you realize you really do know what you have been studying and how to care for the patients. I also have enjoyed some of the clinical moments that do not take place in the hospital. A lot of people may know that we spend a lot of time serving he community. We do things like giving flu shots at homeless shelters, not only do we provide a service but we also get to spend time learning about others in the community

What organizations were you involved with during your time at GC? While working on my biology degree I was a Career Peer Advisor with the GC Career Center and the secretary for the GC PreHealthcare Alliance (aka the Pre Med Club). I am currently a member of the School of Nursing Professional Practice Council. This group of students from all cohorts works with faculty and staff to make changes and implement ideas to improve the nursing program. I am also an alumni of the community service sorority Gamma Sigma Sigma.

What do you plan to do after you graduate? I have accepted a job at the Mayo Clinic, so after graduation, I will be moving to Rochester, Minnesota to work in surgical dermatology. 

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