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December 2018: Valedictorians reflect on time spent at Georgia College

December 2018 valedictorians pose in a group photo in front of Atkinson Hall

Five amazing seniors have been named valedictorians for the December 2018 graduating class – a feat that can only be accomplished through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Being a valedictorian is an accomplishment that not many can say they have achieved throughout their college career and these valedictorians credit Georgia College for their success.


Rachel BrinemanRachel Brineman

Major: Biology

Looking back to my freshman year, it’s crazy how much I have grown as a person. As a freshman, I had goals, but I wasn’t sure what career I would pursue or how I would navigate college as Biology major. I had not discovered my full potential. If you had told me I would be a valedictorian, I would have laughed at the idea. However, because of Georgia College and all of its wonderful professors, I found my love of learning.



Riley FlackRiley Flack

Major: Nursing

After graduation, I will begin working as a nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This has been my dream since before even applying to nursing school. In this position, I hope to serve as a diligent advocate for both the patient and family members during a very difficult time. The children that I work with are incredible fighters, and I will strive every day to keep their spirit of hope and will alive.



Maranda BlumMaranda Blum

Major: Mass Communication

I chose to attend Georgia College because of all its offerings, the beautiful campus and town, and the sweet community that can be found here. Coming from a smaller high school, I was excited for the smaller student-to-teacher ratio and all the leadership opportunities on campus. I couldn’t be more thankful that I chose Georgia College.



Nicole StercayNicole Stercay

Major: Nursing

When I first started applying for colleges, I was attracted to GCSU’s amazing nursing program. We have one of the top ranked nursing programs in the state, and one of the highest pass rates for the NCLEX every year. This was very attractive to me as a pre-nursing major. Once I stepped on the campus, I was sold on the beauty of the area. I knew this was a place I would enjoy spending the next 4 years, and where I could do so successfully. 



Kathryn Albert (Not Pictured)

Major: Philosophy

I believe I have really come into my own in terms of evolving my writing style as well as my public speaking. I have reoriented my thought processes and went beyond small-town notions I used to possess. I have strengthened my connection to my ideals in terms of inclusion, justice, and supporting others, no doubt from the influence of my mentors and peers. Through collaborating with my professors and other students, I have been able to secure a newfound confidence in myself as well as my academic abilities. I’ve learned to grow from criticism rather than to shut down and attempt to blame others for my failings. I am the same person, but infinitely more grounded.

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